Why SEM is important and becoming more important

SEM or paid search is key driver for online marketing success. The response is directly linked to the keyword and success is quickly measurable.

Google has for a long time squeezing the organic content to lower position on the search result page for desktop. On the mobile device the number of slots are extremely limited so paid search is often given the priority over organic contents. SEM is becoming even more important as marketer cannot rely on SEO as much as in the past.

Power Law and SEM bidding

Many Internet metrics follow the power law distribution. The search query and number of clicks by keyword are just two examples of the power law. That means while the business manages millions of keywords the clicks distribution has a very long tail. Simply put, vast majority of the keywords in SEM campaigns will have very limited number of clicks while only a small fraction of the keywords will get large amount of clicks.

This classic problem of SEM campaigns needs to solve the problem of low probability events (ecommerce transactions, lead gen etc) and insufficient click history associated with the vast majority of keywords in order to provide expected revenue on a statistically significant basis. How to manage the long tail of SEM bidding keywords has been a challenging problem for business of all sizes.

Power Law

Data science combined with a tailored approach to modeling

Data Science

The SmartLens Analytics approach uses cutting edge machine learning techniques to determine the relevance of factors across many dimensions of data, and incorporate that information into bids for individual keywords. Some example of the techniques include Bayesian estimation, ensemble model, and neural networks.


SmartLens Analytics works together closely with customers to develop the customer specific predictive models for bidding optimization. This approach tailors to the specific business situation the customer has and thus is able to produce superior performance against generic solutions on the market.

The combination of data science and customized bidding approaches has yielded very effective results across multiple industries with proven record of successes doing data driven marketing optimization across broad range of advertising platforms including Google, Bing, TripAdvisor and Trivago.

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