Paid Search Marketing + Data Science

SmartLens Analytics helps companies to optimize paid search marketing campaigns on Amazon, Google, Bing by using the most advanced machine learning methodologies and data science.

Amazon Product Advertising

Amazon is the largest product search platform and ecommerce site. Sponsored product ads is playing an increasingly important role to succeed at Amazon marketplace. SmartLens provides full service for Amazon advertising.

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Google & Bing Ads

Based on machine learning and data science, keyword bidding for SEM campaigns at Google/Bing ads platforms is our specialty and strength. As approved agency by Google/Bing, SmartLens has developed automatic bidding tools via search engine’s API.

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Keyword Bidding Optimization

Keyword bidding is key factor for successful paid search campaigns. Our data science-based keyword bidding optimization delivered up to 30% of campaign performance improvement on Google/Bing.

We have successfully adopted the same approach onto Amazon advertising including building the keyword bidding tool via Amazon’s Advertising API.

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Tailored Scientific Approach

We build custom machine learning models for every client. This enables us to adapt to market changes rapidly and also provides our clients unqiue bid strategy advantage over conventional ones.


SmartLens UI

Our data infrastructure is built on scalable cloud environment, and we provide UI application to our clients so that they can monitor performance and guide us to their desired objectives and target numbers.

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